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"[A] musical experience you're not likely to hear anyplace else."

- The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Wild Ginger imparted a buzz to the venue that June night. . .[E]veryone wanted to be there: no back-row players going through the motions, no snoozing audience members dragged in by spouses to better them.. . .Orchestra members frequently break into spontaneous smiles at what they hear happening around them, and listeners pick up on and mirror the gleeful attentiveness of the ensemble."

- Billboard Magazine

"Wild Ginger's concert thrilled me, it thrilled its audience, some 300 people of all ages. There's the germ of a new paradigm here, a new approach to classical music, and to classical musicianship."

- The Wall Street Journal

"[A] concert experience so intimate and enlivened that it seems like a new concert paradigm for classical music. . .This was a listenership that any classical-music group would lust after, and not for its youth alone. The audience connected to musicians in a way that is rare, stomping their feet and howling with approval after each piece…[T]he classical-music industry needs Wild Ginger. . .."

- The Philadelphia Inquirer

"I have never felt such joy at a concert, ever. Even as a kid at Bernstein's young people's concerts, I couldn't have imagined classical music being this much fun. My smile was never-ending: I knew something special was going on - a Woodstock-esque epiphany of change. . .This has to be the future of classical music."

- Listener Magazine

The Winds of the Wild Ginger Chamber Players, September, 2000


"When I went to the concert on Saturday night I was overwhelmed by happiness. Finally an orchestra full of people who are extremely talented, but also finally have the chance to put their love into the music. . ."

- New York City, NY

"[W]ithout a doubt the most exciting symphonic concert I've ever witnessed. The visual aspect added so much to the overall effect, which was dynamite in all regards. . .All in all, the best evening I've ever had with a classical orchestra! Don't think I'll ever forget it."

- Philadelphia, PA

"GREAT!!!!  GREAT!!!!!  GREAT!!!!!!"

- New York City, NY

"I love music, but when I first heard about your performing in Worcester, I thought it was going to be boring. But sure enough my opinion changed when I heard you play. You play with such emotion and thought that I was amazed. Thank you for a great performance and for bringing to us such beautiful music."

- Worcester, MA

"I've been listening to classical music all my life (71 years). . .and have attended concerts for 50 of those years. But listening to your group makes the music new and exciting. It's a joy to see your musicians' enthusiasm and joy in playing. Their love for their work is infectious and their concerts are exciting to listen to and watch. Good luck in all your endeavors."

- Briar Cliff Manor, NY

"There is no doubt that you play music the way the composers intended, and those two concerts are the ones that remain at the top of my list of most memorable evenings."

- Worcester, MA

"Absolutely extraordinary. Some of the most vibrant and joyful music making I've heard ever! [A] tremendous experience, a once in a lifetime experience. I could not have been more blown away!"

- New York City, NY

I can't tell you how much I have been moved, excited, thrilled, woken up, transfixed, and otherwise awed by your group's music making. The connection you make during performances between musicians and with the audience is magic. I am not a music student and have never played an instrument (yet), but I know when I am in the presence of passionate artists, and I know when my own emotions are moved. Thank you. Thank you. I will spread the word!

- Cambridge, MA

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